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Every Solution is Unique

Grand Entrance understands that every retail store is different. That is why we work hard to understand your specific needs, and then develop a comprehensive solution. As a retailer you have spent significant time and money designing the interiors of your store. Grand Entrance will help your image with our complete line of entrance flooring solutions, wall protection products, anti-fatigue flooring, specialty flooring and surface protection products.

About Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance has provided flooring and wall protection solutions for many of America's top retailers for over 30 years. Our experience and close working relationships with our clients provide us with a unique understanding of the needs of today's retail store. With over 70 patents worldwide, Grand Entrance is an industry leader. But, we are not stopping there. Our research and development facility is constantly working to develop new and innovative solutions for our customers. No matter what your need, Grand Entrance will deliver a product guaranteed to protect and enhance your image.