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  • Fabricated by injecting dyes deeply and permanently into the figure allowing for more intricate designs.
  • Anti-static nylon carpet construction.
  • Computer controlled for virtually any design and intricate detail.
  • 25 standard colors with the capability to achieve almost unlimited color combinations.
  • Captures dirt, grit, and moisture.



Make a Great First Impression with Jet Print Mats! Put the eye-catching effects of Jet Print mats to work for you! Produce virtually any design with intricate detail using a range of 40 standard colors that are injected deeply and permanently into the nylon pile. Make a lasting statement in high-traffic areas like entrances, lobbies, reception areas, and service counters.



85cm x 120cm

85cm x 150cm

115cm x 175cm

115cm x 240cm

85cm x 300cm


Special sizes available up to

200cm x 650cm


Technical Documents

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Available Colors: 

Jetprint and Graphic Inlay colors

401 Black
402 White Silver
403 Royal Blue
404 Hot Pink
405 Moss Green
406 Red
407 Purple
409 Rose
410 Light BLue
411 Pearl White
413 Sandalwood
414 Turquoise
415 Aquamarine
417 Navy
418 Silver
419 Dark Grey
421 Emerald Green
422 Forest Green
423 Gold
425 Yellow
426 Suede
427 Dark Gold
429 Orange
430 Burgundy
431 Chocolate


Available Textures: 
Not applicable. See the technical documents for other details and information on this item.


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